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Making Little Smiles Healthier

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Back row (L-R): Rose Marie Zwieg, Cathie Cuhna, Linda Meadows, Sue Hepworth
Front: Carolyn McCombs, Gretchen Carlson

About Us

Sutter Creek Smiles was formed by a group of women who wanted to make a difference in local children’s lives.  We heard that there were children going to school with tooth pain who did not have the means or insurance to pay for dental care.  We wanted to make it possible for them to see a dentist immediately without a lot of red tape.

We were able to partner with several local dentists who agreed to charge us 50% of their normal fee.

Through the years, we’ve expanded our scope to help a few adults with dental needs and have done various things such as paying for transportation to out of area dentists for special care as well as paying for anesthesia for a few who needed that.

Funds from monthly dues of $25, generous donations from a few locals who graciously support our cause and fundraisers for special cases have provided approximately $100,000 to date for dental care for children in our community.



Sutter Creek Smiles Mission & Vision

“To provide a financial resource for emergency and urgent care to those children who do not qualify for aid available through traditional sources.  Through dental care for these children, we intend to foster improved overall health, self confidence and the enhanced ability to focus while in the classroom.  In addition, as funds allow, to assist with other needs as they arise in the community.​”

Sutter Creek Smiles is a 501c3 under the umbrella of Amador Community Foundation, Tax ID #68-0447992

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