Making Little Smiles Healthier

little boy with toothbrush


In 2007, a small group of wives of the Native Sons of Sutter Creek found themselves meeting at a restaurant every month while their husbands went to their meeting. The women enjoyed the monthly gathering, but preferred to put the money they spent to good cause. Thus sparked the inspiration for Sutter Creek Smiles.

"We wanted to make it possible for children to see a dentist immediately without a lot of red tape or trying to fit them into traditional aid and assistance".

The idea was that each month, one member would host a light dinner at their home, and everyone would contribute $25 to help provide a financial resource for emergency and urgent dental care to Sutter Creek Primary and Elementary School children who do not qualify for aid available through traditional sources.

Sutter Creek Smiles was formed under the fiscal sponsorship of Amador Community Foundation. Several local dentists provide their services and share the cost with Sutter Creek Smiles.

From its inception in 2007 through December 2016, Sutter Creek Smiles, along with Dr’s Montalbo, Stevens, and Brizendine, treated 25 boys and girls with $55,000 of dental services.

Sutter Creek Smiles also provided 876 dental screenings for students of Sutter Creek Elementary, Sutter Creek Primary, and Independence High School, thus identifying 159 students with moderate or urgent dental care needs, and working with their parents and dentists to obtain treatment.

Through dental care for these children the organization intends to foster improved overall health, self confidence and the enhanced ability to focus in the classroom.